Vocal Production

Our vintage microphone collection has been hand-selected by Alan Silverman, a renowned music recordist known who has tracked vocals for Judy Collins, Norah Jones, Catherine Russell, and other top vocalists. The human voice is the most unique instrument in the world, and it’s difficult to truly capture all of its beauty and power. Our pristine, all-tube recording chain and creative environment can help you to realize a great vocal with nuance and impact.

Your session will begin with a series of microphone tests. We’ll find the right mic that can inspire you for your best performance. “My goal is to create a headphone mix that inspires an artist to sing at their best.” Alan adds, “I’ve always been a vocal specialist, I love working with singers, and my most gratifying sessions have been with them. Recording a vocal is like holding a jewel in the palm of your hand.”

Alan has done vocal production for these artists and more:

Aled Jones               

Ari Hest

Bhi Bhiman

Don McLean

Glen Hansard

Jeff Bridges

Jimmy Buffett

Judy Collins

Kenny White

Mark Cohen

Michael McDonald

Norah Jones

Rachele Cappelli

Wille Nelson