Aerial Sound is a place where music soars: a state-of-the-art studio for masterful mastering, vocal production, and mixing. The team at Aerial brings over 20 years of experience in all aspects of sound, and engineering skills that bring listeners closer to the magic of the artist’s performance. Located in the heart of Manhattan, in the original studio of Jimi Hendrix, Aerial Sound continues to provide excellence in audio quality for artists of all genres.  To get started reach out to aerialsound(at)aerialsound(daht)com

“It has never been about the gear, it’s about the engineer.  That said, we have amazing gear.” – Alan Silverman

Founded by mastering engineer Alan Silverman, this independent mastering studio has been a home to over 80 Grammy-winning and nominated artists, garnering nods for Album of the Year, Record of the Year, Best Engineered Album and more. Alan’s intricate knowledge and background in music and engineering has given him a favorable career working on audio for records, film and television, including credits with Norah Jones, Judy Collins, Bebo Valdes, Arturo O’Farrill, Willie Nelson, Keith Richards, Jimmy Webb, Medeski Martin & Wood, and more.

“Alan, I will always say your name in reverential tones from this day hence! … Just wonderful, nothing missing, nothing intruding…” -Jimmy Webb (Songwriter Hall of Fame Inductee)

The studio maintains an up-to-date analog and digital environment – breakthrough and classic vintage technologies are integrated into the workflow constantly. For example, Aerial Sound had the honor of hosting dCS, a world-leader in high resolution audio, during the 2017 AES convention to demonstrate their acclaimed Rossini DAC with MQA, which is one of the highest quality analog-digital converters invented to date.  Aerial recently added Gyraf passive vacuum tube EQs and compressors for their unmatched sonic beauty.

“I felt as though I had heard my recordings for the first time.”  -Judy Collins (Americana Icon)

Alan’s commitment to excellence in recorded music has enabled him to develop career-long working relationships with some of the world’s most accomplished and successful musicians.

The team at Aerial Sound includes Eleni Maltas, Vitor Hirtsch, and Mike Tierney. Working under Alan’s mentorship, this team of engineers all have earned master’s degrees in music technology from NYU. Their talents include mixing, videography, photography, as well as composing and arranging music. Aerial Sound is proud to be a place for their creativity, people skills and love of sound to come to life.

“Wonderful! I’ve never heard mastering do what yours did. The music jumped off the page. What you do is breathtaking and magnificent.” -Jane Ira Bloom (Downbeat Player of the Year)